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Fight Crab

International Photo Contest!!

Share your best Fight Crab screenshots and win prizes!


​About "Fight Crab International Photo Contest"

- Crab Contest -

How to enter:

1. Play Fight Crab on Nintendo Switch™

2. Use the Joy-Con (L) Capture Button to take screenshots of epic Fight Crab confrontations and intense battle scenes, or use your awesome artistic talent to create Fight Crab-inspired artwork.

3. Upload and share your screenshot or artwork to Twitter using the following hashtag:
    For North America use: #FightCrabPhotoNA
    For Europe and Oceania use: #FightCrabPhotoEO

4. Follow Mastiff on Twitter (@mastiffgames)

Important: You must be following Mastiff on Twitter AND use the correct hashtag for your entry to be considered!


Mastiff and Calappa Games are hosting a “Fight Crab” photo contest! Capture and share your best Fight Crab screenshots or use your artistic talent to create Fight Crab-inspired artwork and you could win exclusive, sea-sational prizes!
Winners will be selected by Nusso, the creator of Fight Crab!

Entry categories:

  1. Best Fight Crab Screenshot (2 winners)

  2. Best Fight Crab Art Prize (2 winners)

■ Period

The Fight Crab International Photo Contest begins October 14th, 2020 at 12:00am PST and ends on October 31st, 2020 at 11:59:59pm PST

■ Results AnnouncementMid November, 2020


Best Fight Crab Screenshot Prize (2 Winners)

We’ll select our favorite unedited Fight Crab screenshots! Entries should be uploaded and shared on Twitter using the Nintendo Switch Share feature. All entries must also include the respective territory hashtag to be considered (please refer to the accepted hashtags listed above)!



  • Fight Crab Mods Coat

  • $100 Amazon Gift Card

  • Physical copy of Fight Crab signed by creator

  • Fight Crab Original Sound Track and Soundtrack button

  • Fight Crab Towel


Best Fight Crab Art Prize (2 Winners)

We’d also love to see your best Fight Crab-inspired artwork! This can include hand-drawn or digitally created artwork. All entries must also include the respective territory hashtag to be considered (please refer to the accepted hashtags listed above)!



  • Fight Crab Hoodie

  • Fight Crab Towel

  • $10 Amazon Gift Card


Participation Prize (10 winners)

Just for participating, we’ll be selecting 10 entrants at random to receive a participation prize!



・$10 Amazon Gift Card

Tips and techniques for capturing the perfect Fight Crab moments!

  • During a battle you can pause the game and enter “Photo Mode.” While in Photo Mode you can move the camera around freely to capture the most impactful and awesome, jaw-dropping moments!

  • While in Photo Mode the gameplay can be progressed in slow motion by holding down the A Button - timing is everything when attempting to capture the perfect screenshot!

  • Try experimenting with different weapons and stage combinations.

  • When Hyper Mode is activated Crabs gain the ability to fly! We’re not joking. When Hyper Mode is activated hold down the Y Button and your crab will take to the skies!

  • Don’t forget that there are two mounts: the Seal and the Scooter - both make for some hilarious screenshot content!

“Fight Crab” International Photo Contest Rules and Guidelines


  • All entries must be the participant's original work! If we suspect a screenshot or artwork was not taken or created by the entrant, the entrant will be disqualified.

  • All entries must include the correct hashtag. Entries shared without the hashtags will not be considered.


  • All entrants must be following Mastiff (@mastiffgames) on Twitter.

  • Only screenshots or art uploaded to Twitter before the contest end date will be accepted and  judged.

  • Identical entries which have been submitted multiple times will be disqualified.

  • If other players’ characters are included in a screenshot, only the person who submitted the entry will be considered as an entrant.

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